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Morcor Solutions IncAbout MorcorPhilosophyWhat is XpanceWhat Sets Xpance ApartXpance in DepthNews and InformationCareer Opportunitiesline Top 10 FeaturesProductivity FeaturesUser InterfaceWhat you must haveWhat you must seeQuestions You Will HaveManagement ReportsUser ReportsAdministration Reports Top X Productivity Features XpanceX increases productivity and cuts costs by automating processes previously done manually and by virtually eliminating the possibility of errors.

I. Through using XpanceX, customers have reported productivity improvements from 25% - 50%. It allows your publication to produce more ads with the same amount of staff, leading to a typical return on investment of less than six months!
II. XpanceX consolidates production steps, speeds up processes, and virtually eliminates production errors. Overtime is drastically reduced, if not completely done away with. Your people's time is freed up and can be re-deployed to areas more productive to your organization!
III. XpanceX automatically expires ads and lets the user know immediately where a previously run ad resides. Xpance checks every ad before it is printed in the publication!
IV. XpanceX and XpancePC share the same data. All contributors share the same information, just displaying it on a different computer.
V. Picking up ads is very easy with XpanceX. The previous ad number is entered in the business system and the new ad is automatically generated from the previous ad.
VI. EPS and/or PDF files are moved, tracked and are confirmed to be the latest for pagination. If there is a late correction the EPS and/or PDF status changes to "Updated" to warn paginators that this has been updated.
VII. Introducing XpanceX has minimal impact on support staff. It is easy to install, support and train. A typical installation, including training, takes two to three weeks. XpanceX was designed from the ground up to be easy to support. The average support call takes less than five minutes.
VIII. Color information is automatically added to the InDesign/Quark/Creator Palette at ad creation time, based on information automatically retrieved from the Business System.
IX. XpanceX automatically moves them to a folder to be removed for nearline or offline archiving. Archiving is done automatically when the files reaches a site-specified size. XpanceX retrieves files automatically to get them quickly back into the workflow.
X. XpanceX checks the size of the ad and compares it to what is booked. XpanceX warns the user if the size does not match what was booked. This is especially important when picking up a previously run ad. XpanceX will even resize the ad based on the booked information with the press of a button.

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